All about class notes

I’ve had a few questions recently about class notes. An FYI on those …

When do they run?

It depends where you’re looking. I’ve been posting them on Facebook and Twitter, as well as publishing them in The Ichabod alumni magazine.

Chances are, class notes you submit will appear on Facebook before they’re printed in the magazine.

You may have noticed that the deadline for submitting class notes is several months before publication. For example, the deadline for class notes for the August 2012 edition was in mid-May.

Though the magazine arrives in your mailbox in August, my deadline for getting all content to the designer is two months before that. Hence, early deadlines.

Where do they run?

The Ichabod magazine, Facebook and Twitter.

What should I include in a class note?

Any work updates, honors, awards, weddings, notable anniversaries or birthdays, and births. We also ask that you include your address so we can update your alumni record.

Do you run engagements in class notes?

No. But please send us a note once the wedding has taken place.

Where do I submit a class note?

1. Fill out our form on the new website.

2. Send me an email.

3. Call my work phone at 785.670.2303.